How to fix the Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4
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Fury Against Fate is a side quest in Diablo 4 that players can pick up from Ealda in Dry Steppes. You can find this NPC at the Crane Tribe Hutmoot, which is in the northwestern part of the map. Players are able to speak to Ealda, accept the Fury Against Fate quest, and then proceed on to a dungeon where they are required to kill an army of cannibals.

However, after clearing out the cannibals with Ealda and her tribe, the NPC gets stuck, and players are unable to speak to her to complete the quest. Other times, Ealda and her tribe won’t even move while you are busy killing all of the required enemies with no help. If you are looking to fix this Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4, then check out the guide below.

Fixing the Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4

Most of the time, this bug involves Ealda and her tribe refusing to head into the cave to defeat the cannibals with you. This leaves you to defeat all of the enemies by yourself, which is a much more difficult task than doing it with a group of allies.

The most common way that players have fixed this bug is to complete any in-game event that is around them before heading into the cave to clear out the cannibals. For some reason, the tribe will not venture into the cave with you while an event is ongoing nearby. After completing the event, try and head back to the tribe and go into the cave. If all goes right, they should now join you.

A couple of other fixes are logging out and logging back in to see if the tribe will follow you and finally, you can change to World Tier 1. Changing world tiers has reportedly worked for some players, but the other two methods have been more reliable. If any of those fixes don’t work for you and the Fury Against Fate bug is still ongoing, you will have to wait for the developers to issue a patch.

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