How to fix the friends list issue in Warzone Pacific
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Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is best played with friends for the majority of players. However, an infamous bug in Warzone has prevented players from playing with their squad mates. Their friends list stops showing up, meaning players can’t invite others into their party and lobby. Many thought the problem would go away after the Pacific update in December, but that hasn’t been the case. The bug still plagues Warzone Pacific.

This is one of many bugs that have appeared in Warzone Pacific since it the new map launched. From Xbox players not being able to load the game to whitelist failure errors, Warzone players are dealing with many non-gameplay-related issues in Season 1. Luckily, the friends list not showing up is one such issue that can be fixed even without a patch from Raven Software.

Fixing the friends list in Warzone Pacific

In terms of actually getting the friends list to reappear in Warzone Pacific, there’s not much players can do. The only options are to either restart Warzone Pacific or wait to see if it the list reappears in-game.

If those options don’t work, players can try some workarounds to play with their friends. The first workaround is to create a group in Warzone Pacific. Players can do this through the “Social” tab in the pre-game lobby and create a group with their friends. This group works as a mini-friends list and players can invite their teammates from it.

The other option, which is only useful for PC players, is to invite friends through Discord. The social platform allows for game invites in Warzone Pacific, which players can access from Discord itself. As long as players are in a Discord chat with their friends, they can send them an invite.

These are the best ways to try and solve this friends list issue in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific. Hopefully, Raven Software issues a patch soon to solve the problem altogether.

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