How to fix MW3 Season 2 Blackcell Battle Pass not working
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Season 2 of Call of Duty MW3 has just launched, but there’s already a major issue concerning the Blackcell Battle Pass. No, it’s not the price of the content, but it doesn’t appear to be working as intended.

I and many other players have experienced the Season 2 Blackcell Battle Pass not showing up in-game even after it’s been purchased. This appears to be primarily an issue on Steam, but other players have reported problems on other systems as well. After spending $30 on a Battle Pass, you expect to receive your content right away, so this is a major problem for all affected parties.

To see how to fix the issue and get your Blackcell content in MW3 Season 2, check out the guide below.

Fixing the MW3 Season 2 Blackcell Battle Pass

Screenshot via Upcomer

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, a fix for this issue has not been resolved. The official COD Updates account on Twitter/X has not even posted about the problem, despite many players responding to the account with their experiences.

As previously mentioned, the issue appears to stem from Steam and the Blackcell Battle Pass not recognizing you’ve purchased it once you return to MW3. I have run into the same problem and tried to restart both my application and PC, but to no avail. I even attempted to buy the Blackcell Battle Pass again, but Steam says it’s already in my library, so I’m unable to purchase it a second time. There are also no refunds available with the Blackcell Battle Pass, so once you’ve bought it, you’re stuck with it.

It appears we’ll simply have to wait for the developers to issue a patch that fixes this problem. Whenever a patch does come through, you’ll likely just have to restart your game for the changes to take effect and when you launch MW3 again, the Blackcell Battle Pass will be working as intended.

UPDATE: The COD Updates social media account has posted that players affected by this problem should see the Blackcell Battle Pass working on Steam. However, to make it show up, you need to close MW3, shut down Steam completely through Task Manager, and boot up MW3 again. This should refresh your Battle Pass account and give you access to your Blackcell rewards.

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