How to fix Modern Warfare 2 Disconnected from Steam error
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The early going of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been riddled with bugs and errors, as any new game is. While the developers at Infinity Ward are still taking steps to ensure some of these bugs are squashed, others are still running rampant throughout the community. In particular, the Steam player base has seen a number of bugs in the past few weeks. One of the most common bugs is an error message that simply says “Disconnected from Steam,” and then promptly boots players off of Modern Warfare 2.

Once players have been kicked off of MW2, their attempts to log back in are usually met with another error message. Sometimes, they will receive the error code “Travis-Rilea;” other times, players will see the “Disconnected from Steam” message. If players want to try and fix this issue, they can read our guide below.

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Disconnected from Steam error

The first step that players can take is to restart the MW2 application and hope that they can log back into the game. However, if that doesn’t work, more drastic steps need to be taken. We’ll list those steps below.

End the Steam task

After players have attempted to log back into MW2, they can then close the application and open Task Manager. From there, find the Steam process and end the task entirely. Then, relaunch Steam and MW2 and see if the error message has gone away.

Verify Game Files

Another step to take is to head back into Steam, go to the “Games” tab, and then right-click on the Modern Warfare 2 line. Click “Properties” and then “Local Files.” In that box, there’s an option to Verify the Integrity of the game files. Hit that, wait for the process to complete, and then try to get back into MW2.

Check the Steam server status

This is likely the most likely reason why players can’t access MW2 on Steam. The servers could simply be down or undergoing maintenance. The check the status of them, you can head to a server website or check the Steam Server Status Twitter page.

Reinstall MW2/Steam

If nothing has worked so far, then players’ last step is to uninstall both MW2 and Steam and reinstall them. It’s an unfortunate step to take, but it’s the one thing that could work if nothing else has. To uninstall Steam, players can type it into their Windows search bar, right-click it, and press “Uninstall.” They’ll be taken to the programs page where they can find Steam and click “Uninstall” at the top of the page.

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