How to find the Zenith Dungeon in Diablo 4
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Side dungeons are one of the most iconic parts of the Diablo franchise, and they are back in full force with Diablo 4. Every region of the map has dozens of dungeons for players to complete as they look to increase their Renown in a region, unlock new aspects, or complete challenges.

While a majority of the dungeons are easy enough to find, some of them are a bit tricky to locate. One that seemingly has every player confused is the Zenith Dungeon, which holds a valuable reward in Diablo 4.

The Zenith Dungeon holds the Recharging Aspect as a completion reward. The Recharging Aspect is one of the best aspects that a Sorcerer can have in their arsenal, and with Sorcerer being one of the most popular classes, players are anxious to locate this particular dungeon.

Finding the Zenith Dungeon in Diablo 4

To begin, the Zenith Dungeon is located in the Fractured Peaks region of the map. This is the first region you come across in Diablo 4. It’s home to the starting town of Kyovashad and most of it is a frozen landscape with snow on the ground. You will find the Zenith Dungeon in the northeastern corner of the region, right near the actual “Fractured Peaks” text on the map.

get the Recharging Aspect in Diablo 4
The Zenith Dungeon is the one that is located directly next to the box in this screenshot. | Screengrab via Upcomer

What makes finding the Zenith Dungeon so confusing is that you need to uncover all of the surrounding areas in order for the dungeon’s icon to appear on the map. Once you have the map fully uncovered, meaning the fog has gone away entirely, the Zenith Dungeon will be marked properly as a dungeon icon on your map. From here, you can make your way there, enter the dungeon, and complete it on any World Tier to earn the Recharging Aspect.

Completing the dungeon also rewards you with 30 Renown for Fractured Peaks and, hopefully, you leave with some rare loot as well.

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