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Remnant 2 doesn’t like to make things easy — and that includes getting your hands on the Starkiller rifle. This powerful weapon is not available right away and will take a bit of effort to acquire. If you’re a completionist looking to add to your gun collection, we are here to tell you what it takes.

The Starkiller is a long-range rifle. With a 2.5x magnification scope, it’s a great weapon for sniping from afar. It has a slow fire rate but deals high damage if you have the mechanical prowess to get some headshots. You can also use it to deal a lot of damage to bosses while keeping a safe distance.

Players often equip the Gravy Core mod. An orb is sent out that pulls in everything around it once it hits an object. Everything that’s pulled into its large gravity well is dealt up to 250 damage. It deals 200 damage for every enemy, which is then divided equally amongst all of the victims.

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Where to find the Starkiller rifle in Remnant 2

If this sounds like it matches your playstyle, you will want to visit Brabus and purchase the weapon from his shop.

It’s never that easy, of course. You will need to do a lot before you even unlock the Starkiller rifle in his shop. First, you need to complete Remnant 2 once. After that, you’ll unlock Apocalypse difficulty. You’ll need to then complete the game on this difficulty, which may require a friend if you want to get through it faster.

Once you have completed the game on Apocalypse difficulty, you can purchase the Starkiller rifle from Brabus.