How to find the Howl's Neck Safehouse Generator key in Redfall
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As players continue to explore the Burial Point map in Redfall, they will come across a number of different Safehouses. There are eight Safehouses in total in Burial Point, and players will need to discover most of them if they want a chance to take on the region’s major bosses.

We have gone over where to find all eight Safehouses in Burial Point, but this doesn’t help players if the Safehouses can’t be turned on right away. For example, the Howl’s Neck Safehouse Generator requires a key to turn on, and that key isn’t simple to find.

The generator for the Safehouse is located at a different building, for starters, and to make matters worse, players can’t even turn it on when they find it. They need to then find a key to turn the generator on and access the Safehouse. If you want to locate the Howl’s Neck Safehouse Generator key and make your life easier, then keep reading our guide below.

Finding the Howl’s Neck Safehouse Generator key in Redfall

If you are looking at the generator, then will you need to go left and go up the white stairs that are connected to the building. At the top of these stairs, take a right, and then you will be on a patio. Keep going along the right side of the patio until you see an opening, which you need to head through.

It will be dark inside this room, but if you look toward the back right of the room, you will see a lit lamp on the floor.

Howl's Neck Safehouse Generator key
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

Next to the lamp will be a dead woman and also the Howl’s Neck Safehouse Generator key sitting on the floor. Pick up the key, head back down to the generator, and then turn the generator on. You will now be able to access the Howl’s Neck Safehouse Generator in Redfall.

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