How to find the Carnage and Venom Symbiote weapon in Fortnite
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Two new comic book characters have entered the world of Fortnite and they go by Venom and Carnage. The two Marvel Universe characters joining Fortnite means one thing: a new Mythic weapon is up for grabs in Season 8. Epic Games added the Symbiote canister to the map, the game’s newest Mythic weapon, and it grants players the powers of Venom and Carnage.

While players might know of the Symbiote weapon, they aren’t entirely sure where to find it on the Season 8 island. The guide below will help players navigate towards the game’s newest top weapon.

Finding the Carnage and Venom Symbiote Mythic in Fortnite

The first step players need to take is starting a match and hopping in the Battle Bus. The Symbiote canister doesn’t actually appear at the start of each match. Instead, it pops up somewhere on the map after the first storm circle has appeared, meaning players have some time to kill before they can find the weapon.

Fortnite season 8 map changes
Carnage in-game. | Provided by Epic Games

Players’ best course of action to find the weapon as efficiently as possible is staying in the air with their glider in the center of the map. Then when the first storm forms, players can move to where the Symbiote canister is on the map.

To find the Symbiote canister, players need to open up their map and look for tiny icons that look like spiders. Each of these spots will have a Symbiote canister that gives players the powers of Venom and Carnage.

Once players find a canister, they need to interact with it and the Symbiote Mythic weapon will become available. This allows players to have super long arms to grab enemies or builds. There is a cooldown associated with the power, though, so players need to wield it wisely.

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