How to find Rewire Kits in Redfall
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There are several different items you need to succeed in Redfall. At the top of this list is a staked weapon so you can kill vampires and medical supplies so you can always have a full HP bar. However, there are also some underrated items that you might not think you need until you do. Rewire Kits are one such item in Redfall, and you may not even know what they do until you’re tasked with using one.

Rewire Kits are another form of a lockpick, as they open specifically locked chests or other objects. You won’t need a Rewire Kit as much as a lockpick in Redfall, but nevertheless, you still want to have one on you if you run into a chest that only opens with a Rewire Kit. So, if you want to know how to find more Rewire Kits in Redfall, you can keep reading our guide below.

Finding Rewire Kits in Redfall

Similar to lockpicks, Rewire Kits are mostly found in random locations around the map. You can find them sitting on shelves, boxes, or other objects in addition to looting them from chests and supply crates. This is not the most effective way of finding Rewire Kits, though, as you are relying on blind chance.

To completely ensure you find a Rewire Kit in Redfall, you can visit the fire station and then head to the Lost and Found. The Lost and Found is a store that is found next to Eva in the back room of the station. You can find it next to Anna and Joe, who runs the weapons store.

Rewire Kits Redfall
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At the Lost and Found, you can purchase Rewire Kits for 1,500 coins each. I never ran into the Lost and Found being out of Rewire Kits, but I can’t confirm that they will always be for sale here. In any case, you can only hold up to three Rewire Kits at a time, so we recommend buying as many as possible and then restocking every time you come back to the fire station.

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