How to find Crystals in Dying Light 2 Stay Human
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Out of all of the items you can find across Old and New Villedor in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Crystals are among the most expensive. They can be sold for large amounts of coins at a merchant’s stall, giving you the ability to easily purchase a new piece of gear. However, since they are so expensive and sought-after, they’re also fairly difficult to find.

Crystals are located in one spot and come in a few different varieties. From Green to Violet Crystal Cores, you’ll likely come across each color by the time you’re done with Dying Light 2. The different colors are correlated to price, meaning you want something like a Violet Crystal if you want the most bang for your buck.

Of course, before you can think about which color to find, you need to where to find Crystals in the first place.

Finding Crystals in Dying Light 2

Crystals are a direct biproduct of the GRE dumping chemicals on Villedor to try and kill the Infected. However, this didn’t work out so well and now Villedor has large amounts of chemical dumps that can kill players within seconds.

A silver lining to this is that Crystals spawn within these chemical dumps. They are found in large stalagmite-looking objects on the ground in chemical areas. These areas are green and the game will let you know that you’re stepping in one, as your immunity drops down the longer you stay in it.

Crystals in Dying Light 2
Crystals spawn within these chemical dumps. | Provided by Techland

To find a Crystal, you can head into a GRE facility or other buildings. From here, find a chemical surface or mounds with shiny rocks, go in and look for the stalagmite-looking object on the ground. Stand above it, mash the interact key and out will pop a Crystal that’s added to your inventory.

The Crystals don’t always spawn in a chemical area but that’s where they are a majority of the time. Once you have one in your inventory, you can see which color rarity it is. Even if it’s a lowly Green Core, you can still sell it for a large number of coins to a merchant.

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