How to find Birthday Presents in Fortnite Season 8
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In Season 8, Fortnite is celebrating its fourth birthday and players can join the fun by finding Birthday Presents. These are a staple of the anniversary celebrations in Fortnite and they’re back in Season 8. For the birthday event, players can complete three challenges to earn limited-time cosmetics. One of those challenges requires players to find and throw Birthday Presents.

Essentially, once looted, the presents become a grenade that players can throw at opponents to deal damage. In order to complete the specific anniversary challenge in Fortnite, players need to throw four Birthday Presents. This isn’t as simple as it sounds, though. The locations of the presents aren’t readily available in Fortnite and players will need to do some searching to find them on the map.

Finding Birthday Presents in Fortnite

For starters, the presents can be found anywhere on the Season 8 map as floor loot or inside of chests. The Birthday Presents are labeled as legendary items, so they’ll be a little tougher to find than standard loot.

Fortnite Birthday celebration
Fortnite is celebrating its fourth birthday this year. | Provided by Epic Games

So far, players have found that the alien crash site south of Believer Beach has a high chance of spawning Birthday Presents. The crash site has a higher spawn rate for chests and floor loot than other locations, so it’s a great place for players to start.

Once players find one of the Birthday Presents, it will be added to their inventory. From there, players simply need to throw it by equipping it and then pressing the aim and fire buttons. It doesn’t need to hit an enemy but, of course, that’s preferable.

Players will need to find and then throw four presents to complete this anniversary challenge in Fortnite. This will entirely depend on luck, so players will want to land at POIs with more chest and or floor loot spawns than others.

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