How to find and use The Scorcher weapon in MW3 Zombies
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There are several different types of Wonder Weapons that are available for you to find and use in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies, but none are more satisfying to use than The Scorcher. The Scorcher is a hidden Wonder Weapon that you can’t craft from the Schematics menu in Zombies, but it’s available to find and use during a match.

You can find The Scorcher in one of two ways, either through acquiring the weapon itself or its weapon case. Both allow you to use The Scorcher in your current match of Zombies, but only one grants you the chance to exfil with it for later use.

In the guide below, you can see exactly how to find The Scorcher in both of its forms in MW3 Zombies.

Finding The Scorcher in MW3 Zombies

The Scorcher can be acquired through several methods, some of which are far simpler than others. You also have to complete specific objectives for a chance to loot The Scorcher’s weapon case and The Scorcher itself.

If you want to exfil with The Scorcher, though, you need to find its weapon case. Finding the weapon case allows you to stow the weapon and bring it into a match in the future. It’s still only a one-time use weapon, however, so you won’t be able to keep crafting it over and over again.

Here’s how to find The Scorcher’s weapon case and The Scorcher by itself:

Finding The Scorcher’s weapon case in Zombies

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  • The easiest way to find the weapon case for The Scorcher is to loot it out of reward caches from completing Infested Strongholds or Mercenary Strongholds. I was able to find the weapon case for The Scorcher in a Low Threat Zone Infested Stronghold after clearing it out, but you will have better odds of finding it in the Medium or High Threat Zone.
  • You can also defeat The Warlord in the Legacy Fortress and look inside the Reward Rift for a chance to loot The Scorcher’s weapon case.

Finding The Scorcher Wonder Weapon in Zombies

  • You might have the best odds of finding The Scorcher through the Mystery Box. While your odds are still low, the other methods of looting The Scorcher are far more dangerous.
  • Defeating the Greylorm boss in the Aether Storm has the best chance to earn you a Wonder Weapon of any kind, including The Scorcher. Loot the Reward Rift after defeating Greylorm to see if you were lucky enough to earn The Scorcher.

Those are the most straightforward methods to acquire The Scorcher in MW3 Zombies. As with any Wonder Weapon, your odds are incredibly low if you’re searching for it, but running those methods over and over again will eventually yield you The Scorcher.

Using the Scorcher in MW3 Zombies

If you manage to find The Scorcher, it’s quite simple to use. All you need to do is hold down the aim button to unleash a blast that kills surrounding zombies and sends you flying into the air. The Scorcher has unlimited ammo, but does take a while to charge up if you want to unleash a huge blast.

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However, Pack-A-Punching The Scorcher drastically reduces the charge time of your attacks, meaning you can get them off faster. Of course, you can always just use The Scorcher as a way to get across the map faster, as when you are launched into the air, you can pull your parachute and glide to wherever you need to go.

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