How to find and start the Barbarian quest in Diablo 4
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All classes in Diablo 4 have specific quests that you can complete to earn rewards and unlock class mechanics that will unlock the true potential of your character. However, the game doesn’t explain when you will gain access to your class specific quest until you reach the point where it becomes unlocked. This applies to the Barbarian class in Diablo 4, as you have to wait several levels before the quest appears in your mission log.

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how and where you can start the Barbarian class quest in Diablo 4.

Starting the Barbarian quest in Diablo 4

For starters, you cannot begin the Barbarian quest until you reach level 15 on your character. You should be able to get this done fairly quickly if you are taking on main story missions, completing dungeons or Strongholds, or simply exploring the map.

Once you hit level 15, you will see a Priority Quest (light blue markers) appear on your quest list and on your map. The location of this marker is in the Dry Steppes region, which is found directly west of Fractured Peaks. Dry Steppes is home to the Oxen Tribe, which is made up of Barbarians. More specifically, you will need to travel to the capital of Dry Steppes, Ked Bardu. You can see exactly where that city is on the map in the screenshot below.

start the Barbarian quest in Diablo 4
The location of the Barbarian quest in Dry Steppes. | Screengrab via Upcomer

After reaching Ked Bardu, you need to find the Blacksmith named Gerti. She will be standing next to an anvil right below the Waypoint in Ked Bardu. Once you are done speaking to Gerti, you will learn that in order to be admitted into the Oxen Tribe, you need to show your worth. This will lead you on a quest to find Katra, who will explain what you need to do to be accepted into the tribe’s ranks.

start the Barbarian quest in Diablo 4
Katra will help you complete your quest and become an Oxen Tribe member. | Screengrab via Upcomer

And that’s how you start the Barbarian quest in Diablo 4. We won’t spoil the rest of the quest for you, but it’s extremely straightforward and not too challenging. Once the quest is complete, you will be awarded with a crest of the Oxen Tribe (an amulet).

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