How to find and catch Gobfin in Palworld
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Early game Water types are in short supply in Palworld, as you only have access to a few of them before the game starts getting harder. However, one low-level Water type, Gobfin, isn’t too easy to find in Palworld, which makes filling out you Paldeck a little challenging.

Gobfin is number 31 in your Paldeck but isn’t found in any of the usual spots you might check for a Water type. Instead, Gobfin can only spawn in one location on the map, meaning you need to head there for a chance to capture the small aquatic Pal. You can see exactly where to find and catch Gobfin in the guide below.

Finding Gobfin in Palworld

To find Gobfin, you’ll have to go north of Rayne Syndicate Tower. More specifically have to head east to Marsh Ialdn and then trek northwest from there to reach Gofbin’s location. As you can see on the map screenshot below, Gobfin only spawns in a small region near here.

Screenshot via Upcomer

There, you can find Gobfins around level 10-15, so bring Pals and weapons that are suitable for that level. Once you find a Gobfin, you can damage it fairly easily using an Electric type Pal and you’re able to catch it in any kind of Pal Sphere. However, I recommend using a Mega Sphere to up your odds.

Catching Gobfin in Palworld

If you’re looking for another way to capture Gobfin in Palworld, there are two additional ways to do so outside of just catching it in a Pal Sphere. The first is to visit a Pal Merchant, which are NPCs that buy and sell Pals. It’s here that I was able to find my first Gobfin for 3,000 Gold. These Gobfins start at level 1, though, so you’ll have to level them up. You can find an easy Pal Merchant at the Small Settlement located southwest of Rayne Syndicate Tower, as outlined in my previous guide.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Additionally, you’re also to hatch a level 1 Gobfin from an egg. More specifically, you want to find and hatch Damp Eggs, which hatch Water type Pals. It’s not likely a Gobfin will hatch, but it’s worth the time if you happen to find a Damp Egg out in your travels.

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