How to find and catch Foxcicle in Palworld
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Some Pals in Palworld are more elusive than others, even though they can be caught during the early or mid-game. Foxcicle is one of those Pals, as it’s only located in one specific region of the map in Palworld.

Number 57 in your Paldeck, Foxcicle is a pure Ice-type that isn’t too strong in any one area. However, it does have a unique Partner Skill that powers up every Ice-type attack in your party, so it’s quite useful if you plan to take on a Dragon-type Pal and need all the extra power you can get. If you’re curious about where to find and capture Foxcicle in Palworld, take a look at the guide below.

Finding Foxcicle in Palworld and how to catch it

Screenshot via Upcomer

There’s no Alpha form of Foxcicle on the map, so you’ll have to come by it in one of two ways: capture or egg hatching. Let’s start with the capturing process, as it’s fairly straightforward.

As previously mentioned, Foxcicle is only located in one specific region of the map, which is the smaller ice mountain biome located in the northeastern part of the map, just below the large desert region, as seen in the screenshot below.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Here, you can find Foxcicle just about anywhere, but I would stick to the southern side of the mountain for the best odds. You can capture Foxcicle in both the day and nighttime, but I recommend going during the day since the Pal tends to blend in with its surroundings quite well.

When you happen across a Foxcicle, it will likely be around levels 25-30 in the wild. As such, a Giga Sphere is going to be your best option when trying to capture it. However, Mega Spheres will work as well, but your capture rate won’t be as high. Since Foxcicle is an Ice-type, avoid using Dragon-types against it and try to use as many Fire-type attacks as possible.

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As for hatching a Foxcicle out of an egg, you can hatch one from a Large Frozen Egg in Palworld. Your best chances at finding a Large Frozen Egg are in either of the snow mountain biomes on the map, but you can technically find them all over the central regions as well. If you manage to find a Large Frozen Egg, stick it into an Egg Incubator, wait around 45 minutes, and you can then hatch your own Foxcicle.

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