How to find and catch Blazehowl in Palworld
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There are plenty of Fire-type Pals to choose from in Palworld, but one of the more intriguing options for your party is Blazehowl. The horned lion is an extremely strong single Fire-type and you’re able to use it as a mount, which is always a bonus.

However, you won’t find Blazehowls just roaming around any part of the map in Palworld. In fact, there’s only one location this Pal spawns on Palpagos Island, making it one of the rarer Fire-types you can encounter. To see exactly where you can find Blazehowl in Palworld, keep reading my guide below.

Finding Blazehowl in Palworld and how to catch it

Unfortunately, if you’re not level 30 yet in Palworld, I don’t recommend going after Blazehowl. For the most part, you’ll only find Blazehowls at roughly levels 33-37, so if you and your Pals aren’t at the right level, the fire lion will tear your team to shreds.

If you are at the right level, you can find Blazehowl exclusively at Mount Obsidian during the day. This mountain takes up the entire far western area of the map and is extremely dangerous, so make sure you come prepared. You’ll want to be wearing Heat Resistant armor and have plenty of Water-type Pals on hand, as they deal the most damage to Fire-types. You can see precisely where Blazehowl spawns in the map screenshot below:

Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you manage to find a Blazehowl, you’ll want to at least use a Mega Sphere on it after damaging the Pal to low HP. I recommend Giga Spheres, though, as Mega Spheres only have around a 10-15% capture rate on Blazehowl. As previously stated, Water-type Pals work best to get Blazehowl to low HP, but you especially don’t want to send out a Grass or Ice-type Pal.

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Blazehowl’s stats in Palworld

If you’re wondering if Blazehowl is worth the time and effort to catch, you can check out all of its in-game stats below:

  • Type: Fire
  • Partner Skill: Hellflame Lion
  • Work Suitability: Kindling Level 3 / Lumbering Level 2
Screenshot via Upcomer

Blazehowl is a terrific Fire-type for your mid-late-game team in Palworld, so I would say it’s certainly worth your time.

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