How to find all Burial Point Safehouses in Redfall
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Many players might be caught off-guard when Redfall introduces an entirely new map and set of characters at the halfway point of the story. This new map is called Burial Point, and it’s where Miss Whisper and Bloody Tom are causing havoc on the island. They are two new vampire gods that players will need to deal with. However, before players can do that, they will likely need to find all of the Safehouses on Burial Point, as they are crucial to completing the main story in Redfall.

At Safehouses, players can accept missions that will eventually yield them a Vampire Underboss Skull. These are required to enter a boss’ lair and challenge them, so players will be hunting down Safehouses before too long. If you want to make that process easier, you can look below to see where you can find all of the Burial Point Safehouses in Redfall.

Finding all Burial Point Safehouses in Redfall

In total, there are eight Safehouses on the Burial Point map, which is three more than the first map. Players will need to find six of these Safehouses, at least, if they want to take on Bloody Tom and Miss Whisper, so here’s where to find all eight of the Safehouses:

Burial Point Safehouses Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

The Safehouses are marked by the white house icons on the map. As you can see, there is one in each section of the map, making them quite spread out. Luckily, there are plenty of historical markers surrounding the Safehouses that will allow players to fast travel around the map and make navigation easier.

Once you find a Safehouse, you will need to turn on the generator to power it up. This is the same process as you went through on the first map. After you’re in the Safehouse, you can accept its mission, restock on ammo and medical supplies, and plan your next move in Redfall.

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