How to find Addison's Lab key in Redfall
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The first time you visit Dr. Addison’s mansion in Redfall is quite the experience. Not only do you have to look for several different items, but you have to go through two different forms of reality. After you place the three missing dolls in Amelia’s dollhouse, you will be transported to an alternate dimension where the mansion is in pristine condition. It’s here that you will explore the remnants left behind by Dr. Addison as he performed experiments on his daughter, Amelia. However, your primary purpose while in this dimension is to search for Addison’s Lab key, which can be a tough key to track down in Redfall.

Addison’s Lab key is the next objective that you need to complete in order to progress in your current quest. So, if you are struggling to find the key, then you can read our guide below and get out of the mansion as soon as possible.

Finding Addison’s Lab key in Redfall

While in the alternate dimension in the mansion, you can still explore the outside grounds. It’s here that you will find Addison’s Lab key. Simply walk outside, toward the back of the house, and approach the greenhouse. This is where you found one of the three missing dolls for Amelia.

However, you don’t need to actually go inside the greenhouse this time. Instead, go around the back of the greenhouse and you will eventually come across a door. Enter the door, look to the left, and you will find Addison’s Lab key waiting for you to take it. Grab the key and head back to the mansion to open Addison’s Lab door. This will allow you to progress the “House of Echoes” quest in Redfall, and finally get out of the mansion.

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