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Are you looking to complete the Fortnite Geralt quests and earn the Witcher’s horse Inflate-A-Roach glider reward? One of the tasks in this quest requires you to eliminate three opponents while mounted in Fortnite, which has caused some confusion among players.

We’re here to help you understand what “mounted” means in the context of the game and provide some tips to help you complete this challenge.

Fortnite — How to defeat opponents while mounted

Provided by Epic Games

When taking down enemies while on your mount or bike in Fortnite, keeping a cool head and staying focused is essential. The task requires you to eliminate an enemy while mounted, so keep that in mind and don’t jump off your ride to shoot at them.

As you search for your target, be aware that you’re more exposed when riding a wild animal or bike, making you an easy target. Remember that you can’t build anything when mounted (When playing normal format). To mitigate this risk, it’s best to use a rapid-fire weapon to take your enemies down quickly. A Shotgun may seem like a good choice, but its slow rate of fire could get you in trouble. We recommend using an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle instead.

Charging into a busy area might seem like a good strategy, but it can also be risky. Keep your eyes peeled and look for lone enemies or those who are distracted. Once you’ve marked your target, aim carefully and try to take them out before they take you or your mount down.

What does “Mounted” in Fortnite mean?

To be “mounted” in Fortnite, you need to ride on the back of a boar or wolf. Riding a bike is also considered being mounted. You can tame these creatures by feeding them, but the easiest method is to jump on their back. Be careful not to approach them headfirst; they can attack you with headbutts or bites. Boars are often found in wooded areas, while wolves are typically in snowy regions. Keep your eyes open for them, as they tend to move around.

Completing this challenge will earn you the Witcher’s horse Inflate-A-Roach glider reward. With our tips, you’ll be able to eliminate opponents while riding on the back of a boar or wolf in no time. Happy hunting!

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