How to eat food in Palworld
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Your hunger bar is one of the many elements in Palworld that you need to watch on a consistent basis. While you might be more worried about your health or the condition of your Pals, you also need to eat food regularly to avoid starvation in Palworld.

You’ll know when your character or Pals are starting to get hungry by either looking at your hunger bar or seeing the red “Hungry” box that pops up on-screen when the bar gets too low. Fortunately, making food is extremely easy in Palworld, as all you need is to make a campfire and have any kind of ingredient in your inventory. Once you make your kebab, berries, or anything else, though, it’s unclear exactly how you eat the food you just prepared.

I’ll show you how to do that so you and your Pals never have to go hungry again in Palworld.

Palworld: How to eat food

For starters, you need to have something edible in your inventory. The easiest way to tell if you can eat something is by hovering over an item in your inventory and looking at the box that appears. If the word “Consumable” is at the top of the box, then you can eat it or give it to your Pals to eat.

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Once you have an edible food item in your inventory, all you need to do is right-click on it. Don’t regularly click on it, as this will just highlight the item and only allows you to drop or discard it. You want to see a menu pop up with your character and all of the Pals in your party. On this menu, your character and Pals’ health and hunger bars will show up.

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To eat the food you have selected, simply press on your character or one of your Pals to consume the food. If the hunger bar is particularly low and you have enough food, you can continue to eat by pressing on your character or Pals.

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Once your character or Pals’ hunger bars have been sufficiently raised, you can exit the menu and inventory and get back to completing missions, catching more Pals, or building your base. If the hunger bar gets low again, repeat this process over unless you need to make more food. In that case, find some berries or kill a few Pals for meat and head to a campfire. There, make whatever recipes you have available and then feed that to yourself or your Pals.

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