How to earn the Knockout medal in COD Mobile
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There’s a new seasonal challenge in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 called Knock out Artist and it has some tricky requirements for players to earn, like the Prizefighters melee weapon. However, to do complete the challenge, players need to get past a few hurdles. One of those hurdles is earning 15 Knockout medals.

Earning medals can be a tricky task in COD Mobile. There are 43 total medals in the game, and players are often asked to earn one or more to complete a challenge or event. However, COD Mobile never tells players how to earn the specific medal, leading them to fail the event. For Knockout Artist, players don’t need to worry. The complete explanation for the Knockout medal in COD Mobile is explained below.

Earning the Knockout medal in COD Mobile

In the Knockout Artist event, the challenge to earn Knockout medals is the fourth on the list. The task requires players to “Earn the Knockout medal 15 times in MP matches.” Therefore, this is a multiplayer challenge only; players can’t hop into a battle royale match to earn this particular medal.

Knockout medal in COD Mobile
The Knockout medal challenge in the Knockout Artist event. | Provided by Activision

The Knockout medal is earned by killing an enemy with a melee weapon. The type of melee weapon doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s not an actual gunshot or piece of equipment that kills the enemy. The easiest way to complete this challenge is by equipping the combat knife or any other melee weapon in the secondary slot.

From here, players must load into a Domination or Hardpoint match on a small map. Nuketown, Rust, Cage and others all work perfectly. Players also need to equip some flashbangs to blind enemies.

Once in the match, players must run around with their melee weapon equipped and look for enemies to eliminate. The flashbangs can blind an enemy temporarily, so players can run up to them and go in for the kill with ease.

With enough time, players will complete this challenge in no time and have their 15 Knockout medals.

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