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As Temtem is currently only about halfway to completion, it can be challenging to earn money. The game’s currency is called Pansun, and a lot is required to complete the current post-game activities. The most significant drain of currency is the Breeding aspects of the game. The DNA strands you will need to breed the perfect Temtem cost quite a lot, so understanding how you can afford these is key to your success.

Trainer Battles

There are three main ways currently available to earn Pansun in the post-game. The first is by battling trainers in the Airborne Archipelago. As you play through the story mode of Temtem, you will be missing out on a lot of optional trainer battles. One good strategy of earning yourself some Pansun is by going back and fighting all the trainers you missed. Be sure to check previously inaccessible areas, such as the ones locked behind the Surfboard. At this time, there is no information available on when or if we will be able to re-battle trainers to collect more Pansun.

Selling excess items

There are various ways of collecting more items at all stages of the game. Throughout the map, several items exist for you to sell. These excess items include Tiny & Average Crystals, Sea Salt, Silicon Fragment, and the Silicon Shard. None of these items have any other use than generating Pansun. Because of this, they should be sold whenever the need for currency arises.

Temtem Sell Items Pansun

Releasing Temtem for the FreeTem! Organization

One unique part of Temtem is the FreeTem! Organization (FTO). In the post-game, while hunting for the right Starter Value Temtem, you can expect to release many Temtem in the process. The FTO rewards players for any Temtem they release. The rewards players get from releasing the Temtem can include Pansun, costly breeding items, or cosmetics. The cosmetic items and other rewards are planned to reset each week. You can unlock the highest bonus of the FTO at 250 or more released Temtem.

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