How to earn a MWII beta code + other rewards by watching CDL Champs
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Call of Duty Champs 2022 is nearly here, marking the end of the current CDL season. One team will claim the crown of world champions and take home $1.2 million, while the rest of the league will start their offseason preparations. While the offseason will be full of roster moves, it will also bring Modern Warfare II, the next installment in the franchise. To mark the end of one CDL season and celebrate a new game coming out, some new viewership rewards will be given out during CDL Champs. In order to claim these rewards, just watch each day of the Champs broadcast. Those rewards are available to any viewer, but some lucky players will also walk away with a MWII beta code at the end of the event.

Viewership rewards for watching CDL broadcasts are nothing new. The league has given these rewards away all season long, mainly in the form of cosmetics for both Vanguard and Warzone. While the CDL is continuing that trend at Champs, it’s also giving fans a chance to score access to the upcoming MWII beta. The beta is currently rumored to be arriving in September, along with the MWII multiplayer reveal. Normally, players have to pre-order MWII or wait until a free period to access the beta. However, some players who watch the Sunday broadcast of Champs will earn a free MWII beta code.

The CDL is giving out 50,000 beta codes on Sunday; this will be the biggest code giveaway ever in Call of Duty. For a chance at their own code, fans can link their Activision and YouTube accounts together and watch the whole CDL broadcast on Sunday, August 7.

In addition to the beta code, fans can also receive in-game cosmetics on each day of Champs. The only requirement is to watch at least two and a half hours of matches each day from Thursday, August 4 to Saturday, August 6. Fans can see all of the possible rewards on the CDL’s website.

The cosmetics will be available in players’ accounts whenever they log into Vanguard or Warzone after watching the event. The beta code will arrive through players’ linked emails, so make sure the email you have on file is the one you want a possible beta code sent to.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.