How to destroy Stolen IO Intel for Fortnite Week 13 challenge
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The IO is at the center of the Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 world and that includes the weekly challenges. The organization is fighting back against Doctor Slone and both sides should collide when Season 8 arrives. However, before that happens, players are required to complete several challenges involving the IO. Specifically, the Epic Quests in Week 13 deal with the IO. One task players must complete is destroying stolen IO intel to keep their secrets hidden until Season 8.

This challenge isn’t too difficult once players know where to look for the stolen intel. However, there are no indications as to where the intel is, so players will need some help to locate it. Luckily, the Epic Quest has been solved and players can keep reading to find out exactly where they can find the intel.

Destroying Stolen IO Intel in Fortnite

There are three different pieces of stolen IO intel around the Season 7 map in Fortnite. Players only need to find one piece of intel, though, which makes the challenge simpler to complete.

The three locations for the stolen intel are found in the northern part of the map. Players can land at the location they choose to expedite completion but the challenge can be finished at any time. Below, players can see the three stolen intel spots.

Stolen IO intel in Fortnite
The locations of all three stolen IO intel spots. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players have picked their spot, they need to find the intel and interact with it. This just means holding the interact button when prompted. After the stolen IO intel has been destroyed, players have completed this Week 13 Epic Quest. They’re then awarded 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass and can move onto other challenges in Week 13. Players can also complete the Island Games Quests for some extra XP before Season 8 arrives.

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