How to defeat the Hollow Man in Redfall
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The Hollow Man is the first major villain that you come to know in Redfall. Previously known as Dr. Addison, the Hollow Man is the vampire that is causing all of the havoc on the island. He has paved the way for vampires and cultists to take over the city, and it’s finally time for players to put a stop to his tyranny. After traveling back to the Hollow Man’s mansion and finding three Vampire Underboss Skulls, players are finally able to challenge the Hollow Man to a fight.

However, it’s clear early on that the Hollow Man is playing with all of the advantages. He has several attacks that players can seemingly do little about, leaving players frustrated and confused as to how to walk away with a win. If you want to find out how to defeat the Hollow Man in Redfall, keep reading our guide below.

Defeating the Hollow Man in Redfall

We will go over all of the major components of the boss battle below.

Avoiding the Hollow Man’s attacks

The easiest way we found to win this boss battle is to simply not move from a specific spot in the arena. If you go up the stairs on either side of the room and stand behind the large, brown pillars, the Hollow Man cannot hit you with his beam attack or his blood-siphoning attack. The only way he will try and damage you is by sending out the butterflies or smashing his body onto the platform.

defeat the Hollow Man in Redfall
Standing behind the pillar is our best strategy to win this boss fight. | Provided by EA

I was able to easily get through this boss battle by standing behind the pillar until the Hollow Man was done with his beam attack, putting shots in, and then repeating the process until he goes into his protective blue orb phase.

Dealing damage to the Hollow Man

defeat the Hollow Man in Redfall
Provided by EA

As we previously said, our main objective was to deal damage when the Hollow Man completed one of his attacks. He will stay still for a few seconds after these attacks have concluded, and that’s when you can pump a ton of bullets into him. We recommend a long-range rifle or pistol for this fight, as a sniper or shotgun won’t work too well. If you trust your aim, then a stake launcher could be the way to go, but you won’t have many shots before running out of ammo.

Getting through the blue orb phase

defeat the Hollow Man in Redfall
Provided by EA

After dealing a third of the Hollow Man’s health, he will turtle up into a protective blue orb. In order to break this orb, you need to kill the bloodbags that are siphoned to it. You can see where they are by following the red blood trail from the orb to the ground.

You will also need to watch out for the vampires that try to attack you during this phase. They usually go down in one hit, so kill them quickly and then get back to damaging the bloodbags. However, we also recommend that you stock up on ammo and medical supplies during this phase by running around and looting all of the crates and ammo pouches. Once you have broken the blue orb, return to a pillar, and wait for the Hollow Man to start attacking again.

The Hollow Man won’t change up his attacks much throughout the fight, so you should be able to win simply by standing behind a pillar and dealing damage whenever possible. It’s a cheesy way to win, but it’s by far the most efficient way I was able to find.

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