How to craft Staff Ammo in Enshrouded
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The Staff is a craftable weapon fairly early on in Enshrouded but, unlike the Wand, it requires actual ammo to use. You won’t be able to craft the Staff and start shooting at enemies just by clicking your mouse. Instead, you need to acquire or craft Staff Charges, which act as the ammo for the weapon.

Staff Charges are something you won’t be able to consistently get until you reach a certain point in Enshrouded. At this point, you’ll bring back a new Survivor that allows you to craft all sorts of Staff Charges. In the guide below, I’ll explain the entire process of getting Staff Charges and how to use them in Enshrouded.

Crafting Staff Ammo in Enshrouded

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Staff Charges are only craftable through a Survivor called the Alchemist. You’ll need to travel to an Ancient Vault and bring the Alchemist back with you to your base and spawn them there. The Ancient Vault that houses the Alchemist isn’t accessible without some rudimentary tools, though. You at least want to have a Glider, Grappling Hook, and some stronger weapons, like a Bow or Wand.

Once you have all of the required tools, you can access an Ancient Vault and bring the Alchemist home with you. However, before you leave the vault, make sure you’re checking all of the chests inside, as some of these have the potential to hold Staff Charges you can loot. While it’s rare, I did manage to find a Fireball Staff Charge in one of the Ancient Vault chests.

In any case, once you have the Alchemist stationed at your base, you won’t need to get lucky and find Staff Charges randomly in chests. You can simply interact with the Alchemist, access their crafting menu, and choose to craft one or all of the first three Staff Charges, which are Fireball, Ice Bolt, and Heal Channel. More Staff Charge recipes are unlocked as you progress in Enshrouded.

Using Staff Charges in Enshrouded

After you have crafted your Staff Charges, you can use them by simply equipping a Staff as your active weapon. Then, place any Staff Charges you want to use on your hotbar and hover over the specific one you want to shoot. From there, it’s just pressing the aim and fire button and watching the Staff Charge shoot out of your Staff.

To swap to a different Staff Charge, just hover over a new one from your hotbar. You can alternate between any Staff Charges you have equipped as long as they’re available on the hotbar.

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