How to craft Medkits in Dead Island 2
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Have you been playing Dead Island 2 and found yourself constantly needing to eat a protein bar because you are out of Medkits? Can you simply not find the green health bags on the map and need to sneak around zombies or risk dying? If you have experienced any of these situations in Dead Island 2, then you’ve probably wondered if there is a way to craft more Medkits.

Fortunately, you will eventually get the option to make your own Medkits so that you don’t ever need to run low on them again. However, you do not possess the ability to craft the Medkits from the start of the game and the ability is not given to you automatically. Below, you can see exactly how to craft Medkits and what the materials needed to do so are in Dead Island 2.

Crafting Medkits in Dead Island 2

You gain access to the crafting of Medkits when you finally get to use a Workbench and talk to a Trader. Both of these milestones happen after you meet Sam at Emma Jaunt’s house in Dead Island 2, which occurs roughly an hour to an hour and a half in the game. You will talk to Sam, and he will show you the Workbench in Dead Island 2.

Although, you won’t be able to make your own Medkits yet. That comes from talking to Carlos, the Trader next to the Workbench inside Emma’s mansion. If you speak to Carlos and access his shop, you will find a blue blueprint on sale for zero dollars. This blueprint is for the crafting of Medkits. Click on the blueprint icon to purchase it from Carlos and then head back over to the Workbench.

Dead Island 2 Medkits
Medkits are crafted from a Workbench. | Provided by Dambuster Studios

Once on the Workbench screen, go to the “Fabricate” tab. Here, you will be able to craft Medkits, which use the following materials:

  • x2 Adhesive
  • x2 Fabric
  • x1 Chemicals

All of these materials are easily obtainable if you do a little searching in Dead Island 2. As long as you have a decent supply and access to a Workbench, you will never run out of Medkits while fighting the zombie outbreak. I found that running out of Medkits was a common issue, so make sure you are always crafting more when you can.

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