How to counter enemy streaks with the ZRG 20mm in Black Ops Cold War
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The ZRG 20mm sniper rifle is the newest weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Introduced after the Season 2 Reloaded update, the sniper possesses a strong loadout in both Cold War multiplayer and Call of Duty: Warzone.

While those loadouts are considered the strongest for the weapon, there’s one that’s perhaps even more useful. In Black Ops Cold War, the ZRG is able to take down enemy scorestreaks more effectively than any launcher in the game. Of course, players will need the right attachments to do so.

Countering streaks with the ZRG 20mm in Black Ops Cold War

The launchers in Black Ops Cold War are notoriously bad at their main objective, which is to shoot down streaks. For this reason, players have searched for alternative methods of countering any enemy streak that might enter the battlefield.

Some light machine guns have gotten the job done in the past. But, that takes a ton of bullets and makes some serious noise. (Enter the ZRG 20mm sniper.) Due to its high damage and certain attachments, the ZRG is actually faster at shooting down enemy streaks than any launcher and even the SAM Turret.

This is proven in the Reddit clip below by user PanserBJorn3.

The ZRG has a use, it can shoot down HARPs quicker than the Cigma + Sam Turrets
byu/Panserbjorn3 inblackopscoldwar

The user demonstrates that the ZRG 20mm can shoot down an enemy H.A.R.P. faster than the Cigma-6 launcher and SAM Turret. PanserBJorn3 goes on to clarify that the M82 sniper is even faster but the ZRG is the only current weapon that can damage a H.A.R.P.

For players that want to imitate these results, the main attachment needed is the Calvary Lancer barrel. This attachment adds an extra 500% vehicle damage to the weapon it’s equipped to, which is a huge boost. Most enemy streaks classify as a “vehicle,” so the barrel should work against most of the time.

As for the rest of the loadout, players can view other recommended attachments. It might be prudent to have two separate loadouts for the ZRG 20mm; one for normal use and one with the Calvary Lancer barrel for when any enemy streaks are called in.

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