How to connect your WB Games account to Hogwarts Legacy
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The early access period for Hogwarts Legacy has begun and millions of players are beginning their very own wizarding adventure.

However, before players are entering the game, they want to ensure all of their Hogwarts information is correct. Months before Hogwarts Legacy was released, players could create an account on WB Games and take a couple of quizzes to determine what House they are, what their wand is, and even their Patronus. This information can be ported straight into the game, meaning players can already have their basic info ready to go.

There have been some complications with players trying to connect their WB Games account with Hogwarts Legacy. If you have fallen into this situation, don’t worry, as we’re going to explain exactly how to connect the accounts.

Connecting your WB Games account to Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy wb games account
Provided by Warner Bros

If you haven’t yet played Hogwarts Legacy, then you will be given an option before playing to link your WB Games account with your copy of the game. The game will offer you a numerical code and a QR code that you can use to link your accounts. If you want to enter the numerical code, just go to this website once you see what it is, login with your WB Games account info, and you will be all set. Once you’ve entered the code, go back to Hogwarts Legacy and you’ll be able to claim all of the rewards associated with successfully linking your accounts.

For those that are looking to link the accounts outside of the game, you can visit the Wizarding World website to get started. Create or log into your Harry Potter Fan Club account and then you will be able to link that account with your WB Games account. The Harry Potter Fan Club is what you will be using in Hogwarts Legacy and it provides the game with your House, wand, etc.

Once your accounts are linked, you can log back into Hogwarts Legacy if you’ve already started playing and your rewards will become available. If you haven’t started yet, you’ll be given an option to link your accounts once in-game using the codes that we mentioned above. Then, you’ll see all of your rewards appear on the screen.

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