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You would probably expect the quests in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour story mode to revolve around fighting. But there is one quest that feels like a philosophical question with no right answer. Here’s how to complete the What It Means to Be Strong quest if you prefer fighting to deep discussions.

What does it mean to be strong?

This is a very deep question with no true answer. It varies depending on who you ask. So how can you possibly get this question right in Street Fighter 6? Here’s how.

Complete World Tour Chapter 15-2: What It Means to Be Strong

At this point in the story mode, you’ll need to find the Infooencer, a YouTuber  that makes content about all the latest fighting news. He is located near a taxi in the main area of Metro City. When you talk to him, he will ask you if you have figured out what strength is and ask if you’ve finished everything you need to do.

A lot of gamers took this as a hint that they were missing something and had to go back and finish certain tasks or quests. This left a lot of people confused and wondering how to complete What It Means to Be Strong. But it’s actually a lot more simple than that.

Basically, just tell the Infooencer that you have indeed found the strength and completed your journey. At this point, he will discuss the Battle Hub with you and tell you there’s more out there for you. While this technically completes it, you can still go back and complete quests or train with Masters in World Tour mode no matter what answer you give him.

You’ll get a reward for completing this mission, Wallpaper: Key Art. And you’ll now know the answer to the burning question: What It Means to Be Strong.