How to complete the Hubris Smiles Back Diablo 4 Quest
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There are plenty of interesting side quests that players are able to take on and complete in Diablo 4. Some are certainly easier than others, though, and the more difficult quests can leave players without a clue as to what to do. One such quest that has been giving players fits early on in Diablo 4 is called Hubris Smiles Back.

This side quest is started in the Khargai Crags area of the Dry Steppes region. More specifically, it’s found right next to the Grinning Labyrinth dungeon and you can start it by talking to the NPC named Ogai. Players will immediately be given this quest after they complete the Augury of Bones side quest. If you need help to take it the rest of the way and complete Hubris Smiles Back, don’t worry, as I have a full guide on the side quest below.

Completing the Hubris Smiles Back Diablo 4 Quest

After speaking with Ogai, you will be given an objective that takes you into the Grinning Labyrinth dungeon. It’s right next to you and Ogai, so it should only take a second or two to find the dungeon’s entrance. Once you’re inside the dungeon, your next objective will be to retrieve Baneful Oblations from the Fallen enemies.

complete the Hubris Smiles Back Diablo 4 Quest
The location of the Hubris Smiles Back quest. | Screenshot via Upcomer

This is the most difficult part of the quest, as the Baneful Oblations are random drops from Fallen enemies. You simply need to keep progressing in the dungeon and killing Fallen enemies to find all five Oblations. After you have successfully looted five Baneful Oblations, you can either finish out the Grinning Labyrinth dungeon or leave it by using your quick wheel.

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Outside the dungeon, return to Ogai and they will tell you to place the Oblations on the five Ritual Stones. You place the Oblations by interacting with the orange stones on the ground directly around your location. Remember, there’s five of them, so keep looking until you have found five orange stones.

With that done, speak with Ogai again and the Hubris Smiles Back side quest will be complete in Diablo 4.

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