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MMO daily quests are a great way to level up your character or obtain items. Final Fantasy XIV (FFXVI) has several daily quests for players to complete. These dailies can reward you with various in-game currencies, tombstones, and can fast track you to levelling your low-level characters. How? Read our handy guide on how to choose and complete your FFXIV daily quests.

Types of FFXIV daily quests

Before jumping into how to do the dailies, let’s look at the type of FFXIV daily quests and how to choose what to complete. The dailies on offer are:

  • Duty Roulettes
  • Gold Saucer
  • Tribal Quests
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Island Sanctuary
  • Player vs. Player (PvP)

The dailies you choose to do—unless you have time to do them all each day—will depend on the level of character you have, and your gaming style. For example, if you like PvP play, then you’ll want to complete the PvP daily quests. If you’re still levelling your character, then Duty Roulette will help you level up faster. Players wanting Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP) to purchase items will want to complete the Gold Saucer dailies for more MGP. If you want rare items, go for Treasure Maps. If you’re higher level and want Tomestones or low level and want experience, then Tribal Quests are perfect. Finally if you’re into solo gaming, then take a look at Island Sanctuary. Okay, now you know what you want to tackle, let’s look at how to complete each day.

FFXIV Daily duties
Some dailies can provide you with additional rewards if players are yet to complete the quest (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Duty Roulettes

Dungeons, raids, and trials are a core function of many MMOs. In FFXIV, the overarching name for these party-based quests are duties. Most duities are combat-focused and include dungeons, guildhests, trials, raids, and more. A duty is a zoned off area where players will need to complete a certain task. There are several daily duties that you can complete to level your character or gain items.

A duty roulette will queue your character into a randomised duty. If you’re alone, you’ll be partied with other players and put into a random duty that fits within your chosen category. For example you could choose “Normal Raids”. This would queue you into all normal raids and give you a random normal raid to complete. As a reward for randomly ‘filling spaces’, you’ll receive experience or items.

The type of duty roulette you choose will depend on your play style and where you’re at in the game. If you’re trying to level your character, or you want Tombstones, Duty Roulettes are your go to. Levelling Roulettes grant you a good amount of experience at lower levels. If you’re at the end game, then you can focus on Expert Roulettes which reward a large amount of Tomestones.

To queue into a random duty:

  1. Click the “Main Menu”
  2. Tab across to “Duty”
  3. Scroll down and select “Duty Finder”
  4. A pop up window will show you the duties available to you. Select one and click “Join”
  5. Another pop up will show you your selected duty and an estimated wait time

Once you’ve completed the duty, you’ll receive rewards. You can queue into a duty from almost anywhere.

FFXIV Duty finder
FFXIV Duty Finder can be displayed by selecting “Duty” under the Main Menu (Screenshot by Upcomer)

Gold Saucer

To enter The Gold Saucer, you’ll first need to unlock the area. This festival themed location can be accessed after completing the “It Could Happen to You” quest. You can obtain the quest after reaching level 15 and being far enough through the main quest. You can pickup the quest from a “Well-heeled Youth” on the Steps of Ul’dah. Once you’ve unlocked the area, you can complete the Gold Saucer FFXIV daily.

First, travel to the Gold Saucer. You can do this by casting “Teleport” and choosing “The Gold Saucer” under “Thanalan”. You be transported to the Plaza. Head to the Entrance Square to complete the Mini Cactpot daily event. It only costs ten MGP can can reward you with lots of MGP. You can play three times a day, with the top prize of 10,000 MGP.

FFXIV daily gold saucer
Click to show your numbers, and select the row you’ll like to submit. If you’re lucky, you can win the top prize of 10,000 MGP (Screenshot by Upcomer).

There are plenty of other Gold Saucer activities. For example Fates will periodically be presented. These are not dailies, but do run every ten or so minutes. You can earn MGP by completing these. There’s also Triple Triad, Chocobo Racing, the Fashion Report where you can strut your look, and more.

FFXIV gate
Completing the Gates can reward you with lots of MGP (Screenshot by Upcomer)

Tribal Quests

Beast Tribe quests—as they were known before Patch 6.1—were introduced into FFXIV to give players experience, in-game money, reputation ponts, and more. Various quests can also reward items, Tomestones, and Ventures. Players can complete up to 12 Tribal quests per day, with each Tribe offering three daily quests. Each quest can grant experience for lower level jobs and Tomestones and tokens for higher level jobs. Tokens can be used to spend on crafting materials, materia, and cosmetics. The rewards are based on the job type. For example, you’ll receive tokens for crafting materials if you do a crafting quest.

Choose the tribe you want to work for based on the job you’d like to do. Each expansion has a range of tribes with three different job types:

  • Combat
  • Crafting
  • Gathering

You can unlock each tribe by doing their Tribe-specific unlock quests. In order to unlock these Tribes, you’ll need to have completed the “In Pursuit of the Past” level 41 main scenario quest.

Three of the vibes available in the Endwalker expansion (Image: Supplied)

Treasure Hunt

If you like money (called Gil in FFXIV), then you’ll want to focus on treasure hunting. In order to use treasure maps that you find through gathering, you’ll need to complete a quest. There are two Actions required for treasure hunting: Decipher and Dig. You can receive both these rewards by completing the “Treasures and Tribulations” quest. Speak to H’looh in Eastern La Noscea to receive the quest.

Once you complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded with the actions and now you can being your treasure hunting adventures. To start hunting, you’ll need a Timeworn Map. Players have the chance to obtain a Timeworn Map by gathering resources as a Miner, Botanist, or Fisher. You’ll need to be level 40 or higher.

Once you have a Timeworn Map, use Decipher on the map. This will change the Timeworn Map into a Treasure Map key item. An 18 hour timer will begin, and an “X marks the spot” will also appear. This technically counts as a FFXIV daily even thogh it’s 18 hours instead of 24. Players can only hold one map of any type at any given time.

You’ll need to discover the treasure within the timed window. Once you’ve found the treasure’s location, use Dig to spawn the chest. Like all good treasure hunting movies, chests are armed with a trap. Once you activate the chest, the trap will be triggered, luring an enemy to your location. Some maps will advise you to come with a party if the enemy is a high level.

Treasure hunting in FFXIV (Image: FFXIV Wiki)

Claiming your treasure

After defeating the foe, you still can’t claim your treasure. Instead, a portal will spawn leading to a dungeon. Inside, you’ll see there are two dungeon styles, Roulette and Door. If you choose roulette, you’ll see a room with a roulette wheel. Activate the nodes and various tiles will spawn different levelled enemies. One of the tiles will boot you out of the dungeon, and if you get through all five spins, you’ll be rewarded with lots of Gil. Only choose this option if you’re prepared to bet it all!

Choosing “Door” will send you into a linear style dungeon. Defeat all the enemies, collect some treasure, and choose your next path. Similar to Roulette, one Door will kick you out of the dungeon, and the other will lead to more treasure. If you make it all the way to the fifth room, you’ll receive lots of Gil. In either instance it’s a gamble. But that’s the nature of treasure hunting! Sometimes a map might not lead you to the pot of gold you were hoping for.

If you find Timeworn Maps and you don’t want to decipher and hunt for treasure, you can always sell them on the in-game Market Board. These tend to fetch a decent price and saves you the trouble of finding gold.

Island Sanctuary

A new addition to FFXIV that was added in Endwalker is Island Sanctuary. This is a solo area that gives you your own little island. There you can build workshops, granaries, catch beasts, look after captured animals. It brings the farming simulation genre to FFXIV. Each day you’ll want to make sure you look after your island in order to maximize your island’s return:

  • Look after your plants: plant new ones, water, or pick ready plants
  • Tend to your animals: feed, pet, and collect material from your animals
  • Make your workshop work: schedule your workshop to craft items for the day. You can do this up to a week in advance
  • Gather items: pick up items that might be needed for your workshop schedules

You can earn Island Sanctuary currency called Cowries by selling items at the workshop. Cowries can be used to by materia, mounts, gear looks, emotes, hairstyles, and more. Island Sanctuary will only be unlocked after completing the full Endwalker questline.

Island Sanctuary brings farming simulator vibes to MMOs (Image: Supplied)

Player vs. Player (PvP)

Lots of gamers love player vs. environment (PvE) where you run around, beat the baddies, and save the world. There’s also a whole other side of MMOs that feature player vs. player competitive modes. In recent years, FFXIV did an overhaul to their PvP system, making it much more newbie friendly. Players an now earn series experience. This will grant players with PvP levels where each level unlocks a new season’s cosmetic, emote, or currency.

Series milestone rewards for Frontlines (Image: Supplied)

You can queue into the PvP dailies in the same way as your FFXIV daily roulette duties:

  1. Click the “Main Menu”
  2. Tab across to “Duty”
  3. Scroll down and select “Duty Finder”
  4. A pop up window will show you the duties available to you. Select “Frontlines” and click “Join”
  5. Another pop up will show that you’ve selected Frontless, and will display an estimated wait time

Frontlines are large scale battles between three teams. There are capture-the-flag-like scenarios, land grab, or resources race depending on which map is active for the day.

Choose your FFXIV daily quest and venture forth

Now you know all about dailies you can collect items and experience that suit you needs. You can also choose dailies based on your preferred gameplay style. If you’re yet to try out FFXIV, play the free trial and become a Warrior of Light.

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