How to complete the Dark Water mission in DMZ
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Dark Water is a mission for the new Faction introduced in Call of Duty DMZ Season 3, which is just named [Redacted] for the time being. This is a Tier 2 mission for the Faction and is sandwiched in between other missions such as Reconnaissance by Fire and Flight Risk. In Dark Water, players will have to use one of the new items that Season 3 introduced as well as find a specific key.

As DMZ players know all too well, finding a key can be a difficult ordeal. Luckily, though, the Dark Water mission objectives let players know where they can find the key they need. Beyond that, players will also need to extract an item from a building and then exfil safely from the match.

Completing Dark Water in DMZ

Provided by Activision

The three objectives for the Dark Water mission in DMZ are as follows:

  • Find a Rebreather
  • Find the Cartel Warehouse key from the eastern-most sunken ship in Al Mazrah
  • Find and extract the Cartel Laptop from the warehouse

To see how to complete each of these objectives step-by-step, read below.

Find a Rebreather

To find a Rebreather, search containers such as medicine cabinets and hospital drawers. However, you can also simply make it your loadout’s Field Upgrade before entering a match. This item is essential to complete the next objective in Dark Water, as you need to remain underwater for an extended period of time.

Find the Cartel Warehouse key from the eastern-most sunken ship in Al Mazrah

With your Rebreather, head to the location as marked on the map below. At the shop, you will need to dive down and find the Cartel Warehouse key sitting on top of a table inside of the ship.

Find and extract the Cartel Laptop from the warehouse

Now that you have the Cartel Warehouse key, make your way out of the water and head back to shore. From here, go to Hafid Port, which is on the western side of the island.

At the building marked in the screenshot above, you can use your new Cartel Warehouse key on the door with the white “X.” Enter the building and then head to the back of it. On a shelf in one of the back rooms with some orange caches, you will find an item called the “Las Almas Laptop,” which you need to pick up.

Now, all you have to do is exfil from the match and the Dark Water mission will be complete in DMZ.

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