How to complete the Brought to Heel side quest in Diablo 4
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Brought to Heel is a side quest that is available to players in Diablo 4 by speaking to an NPC named Lumir, who is located in the town of Blackwater. Blackwater is found along the eastern coast of Hawezar, which is likely the last region that players will visit in Diablo 4. When you get to this town, you will see a couple of blue exclamation points, indicating side quests are available.

If you’re looking to increase your Renown in Hawezar or simply cross another side quest off your checklist, then you might need some help completing Brought to Heel.

This quest is one of the few that is available right from the start when you enter Blackwater. As such, players might be inclined to try and complete it so they can squeeze more Renown out of the town. While Brought to Heel isn’t a difficult side quest, it can be somewhat confusing if you don’t know what to do.

I will walk you through all of the steps to complete this side quest in Diablo 4 in the guide below.

Completing the Brought to Heel side quest in Diablo 4

Where is the red mushroom in Brought to Heel in Diablo 4? |

When you accept the quest from Lumir, you will see a new blue zone marked on your map. Head to the center of the blue zone and you will be in a swamp that is covered with tall grass. This is directly to the left of the cellar that is found on the eastern side of the zone.

Here, you want to pick up some Wild Red Mushrooms that spawn on the ground in this area. Once you have picked up the Wild Red Mushrooms, all you have to do is return to Lumir, and this quest is complete. You can also find some of the mushrooms near the northern part of the zone.

After completing the quest, you will receive some gold, XP, and a random cache. You will also earn 20 Renown for the region of Hawezar.

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