How to complete all of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel's Secret Missions
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has a built-in missions tab that gives players tasks that can net them rewards. Some of the most common ones are daily missions, solo mode missions and lifetime missions. However, there is a whole different section of missions called Secret Missions in which players need to do certain things to unlock them that the game doesn’t tell them about. This article, however, has all the info on how to unlock them. Here is a guide to unlock all the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel secret missions.

What are Secret Missions and how to unlock them

Secret Missions are invisible missions to players that are still active. This means that if players complete or do something on the rewards track for that mission, it will then become visible to a player. The design of these is to reward players for playing creative strategies. Once a Secret Mission is visible, players can view them in the missions tab on the main screen. From there, they can see what rewards they will receive by completing the Secret Mission. Unlocking and completing Secret Missions are different things. Unlocking just refers to being able to view them; to complete them is a daunting task. For example, to unlock the “Equip a Card” Secret Mission, players just need to equip a card in a duel. To complete the mission, they need to equip 100 cards.

However, the rewards are great as they can give players exclusive titles and gems as rewards.

List of Secret Missions

Equip a card

To unlock this mission players can play Noble Knights or Infernoble Knights as both decks revolve around the use of Equip Spell cards. However, players playing combo decks that utilize Borreload Savage Dragon can unlock the mission by simply using that card’s effect to equip a link monster from their graveyard.

Win on your first attack turn

Players can unlock and then complete this mission by playing an OTK deck like Madolche.

Place a spell counter

This mission is one of the harder ones to unlock. The easiest way for players to unlock this mission is to play Pendulum Magicians, as that deck revolves around the spell counter mechanic. However, the deck is pretty hard to play but is very strong.  To complete this mission it is advised that players also just play Pendulum Magicians.

Gain life points

To unlock this mission, players can play Prank-Kids, as the deck constantly increases life points throughout its main plays. Players can also play generic cards like Emergency Provisions, but that isn’t recommended because the card is not very good. The other alternative way is for players can hope their opponent activates Upstart Goblin. Prank-Kids is probably the best way to complete this mission as well.

Win by decking out your opponent

Players can unlock and complete this secret mission by playing Crooked Cook Exodia.

Deal over 8,000 damage in a single attack

Players can unlock this mission by playing a Numeron deck. The goal is to use the card Limiter Removal to buff the attack of the Machine monsters to above 8,000. Numeron decks are probably the best way to complete this mission as well.

Take control of your opponent’s monster

Players can simply play Mind Control in their deck to unlock this mission. Playing a deck that revolves around taking control of the opponent’s monsters is probably the best way to complete this mission.

Win by Exodia

Play Crooked Cook Exodia as it’s the best and most consistent Exodia deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

When your opponent’s monster attacks, your opponent takes damage

The easiest way to do this is by playing Magical Cylinder in your deck. Magical Cylinder or cards like Blazing Mirror Force are probably the best ways to complete this mission as well.

Win a Duel without Normal Summoning

The best deck that can unlock and then also complete this mission is Eldlich by far. Many Eldlich decks actually do not have a good way of Normal summoning monsters anyways as the main card, Eldlich the Golden Lord, is almost exclusively special summoned.

Editor’s note: This article will be updated as more secret missions become available or are discovered.

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