How to collect and use Armorite Ore on Pokémon's Isle of Armor
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Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s first expansion, The Isle of Armor, introduces a new currency called Armorite Ore. You can use the ore to purchase new moves, reset Effort Values (EVs), or get more Watts. Here’s how to get it and where to spend it.

How to collect Armorite Ore

There are a few ways to get Armorite Ore. The most consistent method comes from beating Max Raid Battles. Beating one and two-star Max Raid Battles will get you two ore, and beating three to five-star battles will get you three.

You can also locate and obtain the ore from an NPC called Digging Ma. Digging Ma will dig for Armorite Ore in exchange for an Armorite Ore. Every time she digs, she has a chance to find more ore or break her shovel. If she breaks her shovel, you won’t receive any. As such, you should be careful about how many times you have her dig. You don’t want to lose your ore.

Lastly, you can find Armorite Ore in various locations on the ground. Be sure to look out for the sparkles that indicate where items are.

What to spend it on

You can spend your Armorite Ore in three ways: to buy new moves for your Pokémon, to clear EVs from your Pokémon, and to get Watts. Here’s where you can find each vendor and how much it costs.

The Move Tutor

You can find the Move Tutor at the back of the Master Dojo once you progress in The Isle of Armor‘s story. He will ask for five pieces of ore in exchange for teaching your Pokémon a new move. Pokémon cannot learn these moves in any other way.

Lady Clear

Lady Clear is an NPC that stands alone on an island in the Workout Sea east of the Dojo. For 10 Armorite Ore, she will reset a Pokémon’s EVs. The only other way to do this is by using berries, so this makes the process much easier.

Digging Pa

Digging Pa is an NPC in the Training Lowlands that will dig for Watts in exchange for seven Armorite Ore. This is by far the most efficient way to collect Watts if you need them. He will generally dig up tens of thousands for you.

You can only collect and use the ore if you have the expansion. If you don’t, you’ll have to live without these features. If you haven’t yet got it but have considered it, it’s currently $30 and will get you both The Isle of Armor and the upcoming expansion The Crown Tundra.