How to change your appearance after the character creator in Baldur's Gate 3
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Whenever there is a character creator in an RPG, there is always a chance for you to experience a form of buyer’s regret. This is to say that sometimes, you might not be happy with your appearance after exiting the creator and entering the game you’re playing. I experienced this heavily after a couple of hours in Baldur’s Gate 3, as my Tiefling didn’t look exactly how I imagined them. Luckily, there is actually a way for you to change your appearance at any point during Baldur’s Gate 3.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news associated with this. The first piece of bad news is that only some players will get to change their appearance. The second bit of bad news is that this change isn’t permanent, and you will need to continue altering your appearance as you continue through the story of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 — How to change your appearance

If you played Divinity: Original Sin 2, then you might remember an item called the Mask of the Shapeshifter. You also might recall what this item does, which is to completely change your appearance, including your race, gender, and facial/body features.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players who ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition and above will gain access to this item. You can find it in your camp’s traveler’s chest, which is marked on your map with a chest icon. You can visit camp by clicking on the campfire icon on the far right side of your hotbar.

Change your appearance in Baldur's Gate 3
The Mask of the Shapeshifter gives you access to the Shapeshift spell. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The Mask of the Shapeshifter is a helmet that you can equip. Upon doing so, you gain access to the level 1 spell, Shapeshift. Using this spell allows you to turn yourself into any race and gender in the game. You can pick from a strong and basic version of each race and gender, which alters your overall body structure and facial features.

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While you’re playing Baldur’s Gate 3, there are two ways to break this spell and return to your normal appearance. One is to press on the spell’s icon on the right side of your hotbar and the other is to take a long rest. That’s right, every time you take a long rest, the spell resets. This means when you wake up, you will be your normal appearance again.

If you’re truly unhappy with your appearance, you can simply continue to use the Shapeshift spell after every long rest. This is a tedious process, but it will allow you to basically change your appearance permanently.

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