How to change the difficulty level in Elden Ring
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One of the most popular questions most players have when loading up a FromSoftware game is how they can change the difficulty level. Unfortunately for those players, no such option exists.

FromSoft is known for making some of the most challenging and punishing titles in all of video games. This is most evident in the Dark Souls franchise but Bloodborne and Demon Souls are no easier. With Elden Ring, some fans might be hoping things are a little easier so they can experience the incredible world without the stress of dying at every turn.

Despite some fans pleading with FromSoft in the past, a difficulty level menu has never been implemented in the Souls games or their other titles, like Bloodborne. One of the main points of these games is for players to truly master the game’s combat mechanics and study each enemy individually. The situation is the same in Elden Ring, as no difficulty level setting is found in the full release of the game.

There’s no difficulty level setting in Elden Ring

No matter how hard players try and search the Elden Ring settings, they won’t find one to lower the difficulty level. For players that have experienced the Souls games in the past, this might not be such a worrying thing. Elden Ring plays very similarly to a Dark Souls title, with blocking, dodging and attacking at the right time the focal points of combat.

However, this might be a problem for newcomers to the FromSoft lineup of titles. Some bosses will take dozens of tries to get past and there’s no way to make the fight easier aside from learning from your mistakes. A boss like Marget, the Fell Omen will take solo players multiple tries. The only way to lower the difficulty level of the fight in Elden Ring is to learn how Marget attacks and react accordingly.

You can also leave the boss and return with better gear and stats. Aside from those strategies, there’s no way to physically lower the difficulty level in Elden Ring.

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