How to change the appearance of yourself and your gear in Diablo 4
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One of the first things you will do in Diablo 4 is use the character creator to customize your character’s appearance. While not the most extensive creator on the market, there is enough depth in place to ensure that players can style their character around whatever they want. Then, when players actually get into the game, they will be able to collect gear that can often look unique from other pieces that you have found. However, sometimes players just want a change, and luckily, Diablo 4 offers players the ability to alter the appearance of both themselves and their gear.

Diablo and RPG veterans will know the mechanic of changing gear’s appearance as the Transmog system. Essentially, games allow you to change the appearance of your equipped gear to anything that you have previously collected. It works very similarly in Diablo 4, but the game also allows you to change the appearance of your character in addition to Transmogging your gear.

To find out how and where to change your appearance in Diablo 4, keep reading below.

Change your appearance in Diablo 4

The Transmog system and the character creator are both located in the same place in Diablo 4. The first location you will be able to change your appearance is in Kyovashad, the first major hub you find. In Kyovashad, there is a door icon next to a chest icon in the northern part of town. The chest icon is where your stash is located while the door icon is your wardrobe, where you can access the Transmog system and the character creator.

Diablo 4 change appearance
The Wardrobe’s location in Kyovashad. | Provided by Blizzard

Go to the wardrobe icon and interact with the wardrobe that’s in the room. Here, you will be able to change the appearance of your gear to anything that you have previously salvaged. That’s right, you need to actually salvage gear before you are able to use it in the Transmog system. So if you haven’t salvaged a piece of gear, it won’t show up as a Transmog option for you. If you want to learn how to salvage items, you can read our previous guide. Once you have selected a gear appearance, you can also select a color palette for that gear, so you are able to match all of your gear’s colors together.

At the top of the wardrobe menu, you will see the word “Appearance.” If you click on that, you are able to head back into the character creator and change anything about your character’s appearance.

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