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Call of Duty Vanguard introduces highlight introductions and MVP highlights with Operator-specific animations for each character.

After each match of multiplayer, players receive awards for play of the game and individual accomplishments, and each sequence comes with a corresponding highlight animation. For the play of the game, the highlight intro is used for that Operator. These are the same for each Operator by default and require players to level them up to earn unique ones.

Outside of top plays for the match, players can earn three additional awards for their team. These range from the highest kill-death ratio to the number of headshots hit in the game. Once again, Operation highlight animations are used for these MVP awards. By default, all Operators have the same animation as for the highlight intros and will also require leveling up to earn unique ones.

How to change highlight intro

If a player is chosen for the play of the game, their Operator will come on screen with the highlight intro animation. By default, this is the “Press Check” animation, which shows the operator shooting a pistol and then holding it to their chest. While cool, it isn’t as good in comparison to the other unlocks available for these Operators.

Call of Duty Vanguard highlight intro
Call of Duty Vanguard highlight intro screen | Provided by Call of Duty

To change the highlight intro on the Operator, players must reach level 15 for each Operator they want to customize. Once they reach level 15, players can head to the “Operators” tab in the main screen and select which Operator needs customizing. Hit the “Customize” button, which can vary depending on the platform and can be found in the bottom left of the screen. In the customization screen, head to “Highlight Intro” and select the desired animation. For now, there are only two options per Operator, which include the “Press Check” and the unique one.

How to change the MVP highlight

To change the MVP highlight, stay under the Operator customization tab and move to the “MVP Highlight” section at the top of the screen. This will change the animation for the “Team MVP” category that comes at the end of each match. These are different from the play of the game highlight intros that come before the MVPs are awarded.

Call of Duty Vanguard MVP highlight
Call of Duty Vanguard MVP highlight screen | Provided by Call of Duty

Once players reach level five for an Operator, they have access to their unique MVP highlight animation. Like the highlight intro, there is a default animation for all Operators: the “Pistol-Whip.” In the Pistol-Whip, the character hits an oncoming enemy in the face with the back of their pistol. For now, there are only two options per Operator which include the “Pistol-Whip” and the unique one.

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