How to change Kelvin's outfit in Sons of the Forest
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Kelvin is the first person that you meet after waking up from the plane crash that left you stranded on a mysterious island in Sons of the Forest. While Kelvin is military-trained, he has lost his ability to speak and hear, meaning that you have to help him out with basic survival. However, in return, Kelvin will help you build structures, gather resources, and let you know when enemies are coming your way. Although some players have pondered killing Kelvin, others have wanted to make him a part of their experience in Sons of the Forest.

As such, some players have wondered if they are able to customize Kelvin at all. This mainly includes changing Kelvin’s outfit in Sons of the Forest, which can get boring to look at after a while. If you want to know if and how you can do this, keep reading the guide below.

Changing Kelvin’s outfit in Sons of the Forest

Kelvin's outfit in Sons of the Forest
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The short answer is yes, you are able to change Kelvin’s outfit in Sons of the Forest. However, before you can do that, you need to find a separate pair of clothes somewhere on the island. There are generally pieces of clothing scattered around abandoned campsites and bunkers in various crates. Usually, you will stumble across items like jackets, hoodies, shirts, and pants. These won’t be extravagant clothing pieces, but they will be enough for Kelvin to change into.

Once you have the clothes you want to give Kelvin, approach him and then hold down the “E” button to interact. This will bring up the notebook, and on the notebook, you can click the option to “Give Item.” Here, you can navigate your inventory to find any of the clothing items you have previously found and swap them over to Kelvin. Once that’s done, Kelvin’s old clothes will transfer into your inventory, where you can do what you want with them.

Now, Kelvin can be dressed in whatever clothes you would like in Sons of the Forest. For more Sons of the Forest help, you can read our previous guide on how to get the Maintenance Key Card or how the autosave function works.

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