How to carry more resources and increase your inventory in Minecraft Legends
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One of the biggest hurdles that you will have to overcome early on in Minecraft Legends is managing your inventory.

At a point during the game, you will receive something called Allays, which are small resource gatherers that are able to add resources directly to your inventory. However, this paired with you gathering resources on your own will quickly result in you reaching your inventory limit. If you want to carry more resources and expand the size of your inventory in Minecraft Legends, you will have to upgrade.

The game will let you know with a text pop-up on the Allay menu when you have reached the maximum capacity of your inventory. If you’re someone who likes to pick up every single resource you see, then you might be seeing this message a lot. While you can build objects and structures to remove some of this inventory, you will still eventually need to upgrade.

Carry more resources in Minecraft Legends

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The only way to upgrade the size of your inventory in Minecraft Legends is by purchasing an upgrade at the Well of Fate. The Well of Fate is a fast travel destination on your map. If you want to learn more about how to fast travel in Minecraft Legends, read our previous guide.

Once you have fast traveled to the Well of Fate, you need to open your Songbook by pressing the “R” key on PC. This will trigger a book menu to appear and you can scroll through this book to purchase different items to build. The upgrade you are looking for is called the Storage Improvement, which can increase your inventory space by 150.

You can also purchase the Allay Storage Improvement, which allows you to carry more of a select few resources in Minecraft Legends. Those resources are Wood (500 extra), Stone (500 extra), Gold (150 extra), Lapis (150 extra) and Prismarine (150 extra).

Either way, once you have purchased either one of these upgrades, you will now be able to carry far more resources than you could before.

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