How to buy and sell items and Pals in Palworld
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Have you ever wondered what to do with the valuable items you find all across the world in Palworld? Well, instead of hoarding them in your base’s chests, so you can sell those items to specific NPCs. More than that, you can buy and sell all sorts of items as well as Pals themselves in Palworld.

While it might seem unethical to buy and sell Pals, they are a great source of Gold and a way to add to your Paldeck without having to find specific Pals. Also, the valuables you find, such as Precious Fur, Rubies, etc., can sell for tons of gold, which you can use to purchase basic supplies, like Arrows and resources.

Essentially, you want to know where to buy and sell everything in Palworld so you can make your life much easier.

Buy and sell items and Pals in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

The NPCs you’re looking for are Wandering Merchants (items and resources) and Pal Merchants (Pals). The former will take all of your valuable items and sells basic resources as well as schematics while the latter sells specific Pals and buys any Pal you’re willing to part with.

The earliest location you can find both a Wandering Merchant and Pal Merchant is at a Small Settlement located to the southwest of the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Look below for a screenshot of where you can find the settlement on the map:

Screenshot via Upcomer

Here, you can find a Wandering Merchant down the hill from the fast travel tower while the Pal Merchant is in a hut right near the tower. The Wandering Merchant wears a red cloak and the Pal Merchant is dressed all in a blue cloak. Go up to either one of the NPCs and you can access their buy/sell menus. You want to ensure you have all of your Gold coins in your inventory when going to the NPCs, as you can’t buy anything without it. I suggest never having your Gold outside of your inventory, as it doesn’t weigh anything.

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There are more merchants in different locations across the map in Palworld, but this Small Settlement is likely the first one you’ll run into. Now you have a constant source of resources, Pals, and Gold.

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