How to breed Felbat in Palworld
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Felbat is one of the more difficult Pals to catch in the entirety of Palworld. While it does have an Alpha form out in the wild, that’s the only sure-fire way you can come in contact with one. Since you won’t have a ton of success catching a wild Felbat in Palworld, arguably the best way to go about getting one is to breed it yourself.

Numerous breeding combinations yield Felbat, but if you don’t know them specifically, then you’ll waste a ton of time and Cake trying to figure out the right set of parents. In the guide below, you can see all of the possible breeding combinations for Felbat in Palworld.

Breeding Felbat in Palworld

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I have already gone over how to catch Felbat outside of breeding in a previous guide, but aside from fighting the Alpha, you’ll rarely come across a Felbat in the wild. As such, you’ll want to stick to breeding if you want more than one Felbat in your Paldeck.

If you’re not familiar with the breeding process in Palworld, I suggest reading my other guide on how the Breeding Station works first and then coming back here to see the combinations for Felbat. If you’re already a breeding pro in Palworld, look at the list below for all of the possible combinations:

  • Rooby + Celaray
  • Penking + Mau
  • Penking + Teafant
  • Penking + Chikpi
  • Lifmunk + Incineram
  • Rushroar + Celaray
  • Rushroar + Melpaca

Fortunately, many of these Pals can be found during the early game of Palworld, so you could have a Felbat within the first 15-20 levels. I recommend going for one of the Penking combinations, as you can find an Alpha Penking at level 15 and the other parent in the combinations, like Chikpi and Teafant, are located right at the starting point of Palworld.

Whenever you find the right combination, you’ll eventually receive a Large Dark Egg in your Breeding Station, which you can then incubate and, after some time, acquire a level one Felbat.

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