How to break into the panic room in Dead Island 2
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Dead Island 2 starts you off in the middle of a zombie outbreak in the heart of Hollywood. You get to pick a Slayer and then find other survivors within your first 20 minutes of gameplay. Although, you won’t deal with anything too difficult until you wake up outside of a Bel-Air mansion after being bit by a zombie. Somehow, you manage to stumble your way to this mansion, and in order to survive, you need to get inside. Before that can happen, though, you will need to break into the panic room of the mansion, which can be challenging in Dead Island 2.

While the task seems harmless enough, the game does not offer any clues as to how you can pull this off. All you get in the way of help is that you need to break the maglock to get inside the panic room. If you have been wandering around the mansion for several minutes without a clue as to how to progress this quest, keep reading the guide below for all of the answers.

Breaking into the panic room in Dead Island 2

When you are given the task of getting into the panic room, you will likely be staring at the large metal door inside the bookcase. If you look around the room the bookcase is in, you will find no interactable objects and seemingly no way of getting into the panic room.

However, this is a situation of working harder, not smarter. Instead of trying to come up with an elaborate way of breaking into the panic room, all you need to do is smash the junction box on the left side of the wall.

Dead Island panic room
The box you need to smash to get in the panic room. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

This box is found directly next to the panic room door, and you can use any weapon you want to smash it. Once you’ve done that, the door will open, and you will be let inside the panic room. Be careful, though, as there is a walker waiting for you inside.

In the future, you might be able to enter these kinds of rooms using Fuses, which you can read about how to find in another guide.

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