How to beat Changgui, the demon tiger mini-boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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Within your first 30 minutes of playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will likely run into the first mini-boss of the game, a demon tiger by the name of Changgui. It’s important to note that this mini-boss is entirely optional, as Changgui’s location is at a dead end. However, if you want to get some practice in with Wo Long’s combat system, there is no better training method.

If you have been struggling with Changgui, then you will benefit from some tips that we picked up along the way in our own journey of beating the demon tiger.

Beating the demon tiger mini-boss Changgui in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

First off, as you approach the area that Changgui is in, the tiger will not be immediately focused on you. Instead, they will be feeding on a body on the ground. Of course, if you come sprinting around the corner, then Changgui will immediately turn around and start attacking. However, if you lightly walk through the stone arch on the left and past the fire, you can sneak up on Changgui and perform a heavy stealth attack. This is done by pressing Triangle/Y on controller, and needs to be done relatively close to the tiger’s body. Just make sure you are still walking lightly as you gear up for the attack.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Changgui
Sneaking up behind Changgui at the start of the fight. | Provided by Koei Tecmo

This stealth move will deal around one-half of Changgui’s health before the fight has even begun. As you come down from the attack, you can also get in a few more light hits on the demon tiger before you should back away. And with that, the real fight begins.

Changgui has a couple of extremely fast attacks, one of which sees the tiger lash their claws at you four-five times in a row. The only real way to avoid this and all of Changgui’s attacks is to deflect them. You can deflect an attack with a perfectly-timed press of the Circle/B button. With Changgui’s lashing claw attack, you need to keep pressing the deflect button each time the tiger attacks. This will take some practice to get the timing down.

Changgui tiger mini boss Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Maintain a long distance after attacking Changgui for a couple of seconds. | Provided by Koei Tecmo

Once you have successfully parried all of Changgui’s attacks, start getting some hits in. Don’t get overly cocky, though, because if you overstay your welcome and are too close for too long, Changgui will attack quickly.

One of the main goals for you during this fight will be to get Changgui to focus on your companion, the Blindfolded Boy. If you manage to get Changgui to turn its attention to your companion, sprint up behind the tiger and start dealing damage. We recommend either Martial Arts or a heavy Spirit attack here, as they will deal the most damage and you will have time to get the attacks off with Changgui distracted by your companion.

Use the stone arch to your advantage in this fight, as it can stall Changgui. | Provided by Koei Tecmo

Of course, the tiger will not be focused on the Blindfolded Boy for too long, so you will need to continue to back away after a few seconds and get ready to deflect more attacks. That’s the key to this fight, as Changgui attacks fast and often. Deflecting properly will allow you to not take damage and continue to deal consistent damage of your own when you get the chance. That, paired with dealing half of Changgui’s at the start of the fight, should be able to push you over the finish line and defeat this demon tiger mini-boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

If you’re looking for some “cheese” methods for this fight, you can get Changgui stuck in the stone arch for a few seconds. This can allow you to heal and also your companion can deal some free ranged damage as well. Another cheese method is to get Changgui caught in the fire at the end of the battle arena. Position yourself near the fire and then dodge away as Changgui is charging at you. With enough luck, the tiger will get stuck in the flames and take massive amounts of free damage.

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