How many ships are there in total in Skull and Bones? Answered
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Skull and Bones offers a variety of different ships you can build as long as you have the right blueprints. When you have the necessary blueprint and required materials, you can go to a Shipwright and they’ll make the ship of your dreams.

However, as you continue progressing and acquiring ships in Skull and Bones, you might be wondering just how many there are to add to your shipyard. There were 10 total ships to make during the open beta of the game, but surely there are more to acquire in the full release, right? You can see the answer to that question in the guide below.

Total number of ships in Skull and Bones

Screenshot via Upcomer

Unfortunately, the 10 total ships we saw in the open beta appear to be the maximum number of ships you can currently acquire at launch in Skull and Bones. This means the 10 ships you see at the Shipwright in Sainte-Anne are the only 10 ships you have access to in the game.

Moreover, these 10 ships are split up into just two main categories: Small and Medium. There are seemingly no Large Ships in Skull and Bones, which is a puzzling decision on the part of the developers. You can see a list of the 10 current ships there are in the game below:

  • Dhow
  • Hulk
  • Bedar
  • Cutter
  • Sloop
  • Barge
  • Padewakang
  • Snow
  • Sambuk
  • Brigantine

As you can see, two of the ships on the list are basically given to you for free at the start of the game, with the Dhow being the small raft you get and the Bedar being the first ship you make after the tutorial ends. So, in reality, there are eight additional ships you can acquire after the first hour or two of Skull and Bones.

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Hopefully in future updates, the developers introduce more ship blueprints to find and craft, otherwise players might grow bored of sailing the same ships around the East Indies.

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