How does the water work in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific?
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Caldera is the brand new map coming with Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific on Dec. 8. Activision has completely turned the tide in terms of Caldera’s theme, opting for a tropical landscape instead of the war-torn areas of Verdansk. The tropical theme introduces lush greenery, more open spaces and, most importantly, a large emphasis on water.

When Caldera was initially revealed, there were some questions around how the water would work in Warzone Pacific. Would it work like Black Ops 4’s Blackout, where players could swim in it, or is it off-limits? Activision answered this question and more in their blog post detailing all of the pertinent information surrounding Warzone Pacific.

How water works on Caldera in Warzone Pacific

The official overview screenshot of Caldera showcases large open areas of water. There are also smaller rivers that weave in and out of the different locations across the island. As expected, these areas of water don’t act the same on Caldera.

The open ocean that surrounds the island of Caldera is off-limits to players. They’re not able to go for a swim and camp out in the middle of the ocean to stay alive and annoy the remaining players in a match. Essentially, if players see deep water, they won’t be able to go in it.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific water
The shallow water is an actual mechanic on Caldera. | Provided by Activision

Conversely, if players see shallow water across the island and on the coast of the island, they will be able to pass through it. And, if players go into the shallow water, they’ll automatically be given the Cold-Blooded perk. Players can either swim or crouch in the shallow water that gives them the ability to counter the Tracker perk and airborne scorestreaks. UAVs can still see players in the shallow water, though, as Ghost isn’t given to players.

It might take a few matches for players to know which kind of water is safe to go into on Caldera in Warzone Pacific. Players can begin hopping into matches on the map starting Dec. 8 if they own Vanguard.

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