How do the Armory Unlock Challenges work in MW3?
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If you have started to progress your character level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, then you might have noticed a new challenge around level 25. This is when you unlock the Armory Unlock Challenges in MW3, and this is an entirely new way to progress in multiplayer.

Armory Unlock Challenges are simply a way to earn certain content faster through the progression levels. So for example, if you want to unlock a weapon that’s normally unlocked at level 50, you can use the Armory Unlock Challenges system to unlock that specific weapon much, much earlier.

To see exactly how Armory Unlock Challenges work in MW3, check out the guide below.

How Armory Unlock Challenges work in MW3

As previously stated, you unlock the Armory Unlock Challenges at level 25 in your character progression. Once this happens, you can access the feature from your Challenges menu in MW3.

In the Armory Unlocks system, you can see an entire list of multiplayer content, including weapons, Aftermarket Parts, perks, equipment, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks. Scrolling through all of the different tabs will allow you to see what content is able to be unlocked by doing an Armory Unlock Challenge.

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Once you decide on the item you want to unlock, hover over its challenge in the Armory Unlocks menu. Here, you can see exactly what challenge you need to complete to unlock that item.

All of the content is unlocked by completing a certain number of Daily Challenges. For example, you need to complete three Daily Challenges to unlock the DG-58 assault rifle. Once you do that, the DG-58 will be unlocked for you in MW3 multiplayer.

However, if you have run out of Daily Challenges to complete, don’t worry, as you can complete Bonus Challenges that are infinitely available. Completing these Bonus Challenges also count towards your progress to unlocking a certain item.

Also, if you want to switch an Armory Unlock Challenge to a new item, you can do that as well. All you need to do is Activate a new challenge and all of your progress will be transferred to that new item.

Some content is not available to be unlocked through the Armory Unlock system, so I recommend scrolling through everything available to see what items you want to unlock.

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