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In the Counter-Strike series, smoke grenades have proven to be an invaluable tactical tool. Players can use them to conceal their actions, create a diversion or otherwise disrupt the enemy team’s game plan. Mastering the use of this tool is a crucial step toward excelling in this first-person shooter series in general.

Valve has confirmed that this tool will have some upgraded utility in Counter-Strike 2, an updated version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that will fully launch in the summer of 2023. Here’s everything to know about how smoke grenades work in Counter-Strike 2.

How do smoke grenades work in Counter-Strike 2?

In general, smoke grenades work in Counter-Strike 2 just as they did in CS:GO. Throwing one will set up a smoke screen on the map, which players can then try to use to their tactical advantage. However, the effect of this item has been adapted in important ways for Counter-Strike 2.

Smoke will now interact more dynamically with the in-game environment. For example, lighting effects from gunfire will now appear on the smoke screen and the smoke will take on the same appearance for every player.

In addition, smoke will now naturally fill open spaces. For example, throwing a smoke grenade into any tightly-enclosed space will cause the smoke to take on the shape of and completely cover that space. Players may notice that smoke interacts in unique ways with stairs, broken windows, long corridors and other environmental characteristics of each map.

Using smoke in battle

A player shoots through a smoke screen in Counter-Strike 2.
Players can shoot through smoke screens to create a clearer line of sight. | Screengrab provided by Valve via YouTube

Just as they interact with the in-game environment, smoke screens will also interact with players’ weapons. Gunfire and grenades will both cause smoke to clear whenever they overlap with its hurtbox. As a result, players can attack smoke screens to manipulate them in unique ways.

For example, shooting straight through a smoke cloud will create a small opening, allowing players to potentially gain a tactical view of their opponents while still remaining mostly concealed. Meanwhile, high explosive grenades can clear up all or most of a smoke screen. As a result, throwing a grenade may be a useful counterplay in order to clear up the space whenever an enemy has created a smoke screen.

Even if one player has cleared part of a smoke screen using their weapon, the smoke screen can gradually rebuild itself as long as it remains active. This means that the impact of smoke grenades in Counter-Strike 2 is dynamic, leaving players with several options for both taking advantage of them and minimizing their impact.

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